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We're putting in the work to reduce our environmental impact in every step of our process from sampling to shipping. We’re quality-based rather than time-based; we like to think we’re as slow, fashionable and transparent as they come.
To date, we’ve made some pretty big steps on our journey to become as carbon neutral as possible, but our work is far from over...
We strive to make all of our products from the most responsibly sourced, long-wearing and high quality materials we can find; all the elastic we use in our underwear is 100% recycled.
Our product packaging is biodegradable and our outer boxes & postage pouches are made from 100% recycled materials, we’re working towards making our supply chain 100% plastic free by the end of 2024.
All of our members are automatically part of our Terracycle scheme where they can recycle their old, worn underwear for free. And we’re working on expanding this to all of our customers very soon.
We’re really proud of our outstandingly low 6% returns rate (for comparison, the UK average is 28%).
We also hate wasting perfectly good products, so we always repurpose leftover fabric into our bestselling scrunchies, use samples in photoshoots and sell or gift any leftover products.
We know it’s difficult for certain things to be totally green, especially when it comes to shipping, but we make it our priority to keep emissions as low as possible. Our garments are small and lightweight, which means we can fit multiple styles into a single shipment. By doing this alone we’ve been able to reduce our carbon footprint by 50% and we’re currently looking into options for carbon offsetting.
If you have any ideas, questions, or feedback, drop us a message on hello@lemonadedolls.com. We always love hearing from you!
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Safe & Ethical Factories
We only work with fully Audited factories.
We only work with factories which have been fully audited which means we won’t work with a factory if it hasn’t been carefully checked out to ensure all health and safety measures are up to code: no discrimination, zero child labour, and all employees are paid above minimum wage.
We work exclusively with our factory in Shenzhen, we believe giving our production workers consistent employment allows us to build a close and friendly relationship for the future of our brand. And we’re working towards doing our own audits of any future factories we work with.
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