We've got this
The earth and undies,
the two things
we can't
live without

Sustainability is one of today’s biggest buzzwords. But we’re not here to greenwash or jump on the bandwagon. Instead, we’re putting in the work to reduce our environmental impact in every step of our process. At Lemonade, we’re quality-based rather than time-based; we like to think we’re as slow and fashionable as they come.

Materials Which Stand the Test of Time
We like to say that nothing in your wardrobe is 100% sustainability...

Unless you clothes are thrifted or from your granny’s closet, which doesn’t really work when it comes to your undies. The best – and easiest – way to be sustainable is to buy things you love which can stand the test of time. To us, it’s about knowing what our customers want, and we know they’re definitely over dull, uncomfortable undies which start to disintegrate after one wash.

We strive to make all of our products from the most responsibly sourced and high quality materials we can find.

Undies for Change
Did you know we’re working with the amazing charity Choose Love?

Choose love are advocates for refugees across the globe. Since the start of 2022 we’ve donated 5000 pairs of our undies to female refugees. But we’re not stopping there, by the end of 2022 we’re aiming to get that number to 10000. We’re continuing our partnership with Choose Love indefinitely and supporting their work, find out more here.

Safe & Ethical Factories
We only work with fully Audited factories, obviously.

Any factory we work with has been carefully checked out to ensure their health and safety measures are up to code, no discrimination, zero child labour, and that all employees are paid above minimum wage.

We like to return the favour by working exclusively with them, we believe giving our production workers consistent employment allows us to build a close and friendly relationship for the future of our brand. And we’re working towards doing our own audits of any future factories we work with. Find out more about our production process in the OUR PRODUCTS section.

Once our undies are made in our factory in Shenzhen we make it our priority to keep emissions as low as possible whilst getting them to you. Since our garments are small and lightweight we’re able to fit multiple styles into a single shipment. By doing this we’ve managed to reduce our carbon footprint by 50%!

We work with a fulfillment company here in the UK where we keep all our stock safe until they’re hand-packed by our amazing logistics team and sent to you!

More Love, Less Waste

At Lemonade Dolls we are always thinking about undies!

We release limited quantities of our undies and design all of our styles in house.

We’re really proud of our outstandingly low 2% returns rate - the UK average is 28% just saying. We never over-sample and always order the quantity we need and we hate wasting perfectly good products, so we always use our samples for photoshoots and sell or gift anything that’s leftover.

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and we’re currently sourcing new packaging made from fully biodegradable materials; by June 2022 we’re aiming to make all of our packaging completely plastic free.

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