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Positive Press on our undies & Lemon's sustainable business practices

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Has Love Island's slow fashion approach inspired us to shop sustainably - or could they have done more?

“Lemon Fuller, CEO & Founder of Lemonade Dolls and slow fashion pioneer, thinks that the focus from the show on sustainability is great. Lemon went on to reveal that her company, Lemonade Dolls, has seen a spike in sales throughout June – something that follows on from the launch of Love Island series eight.”

Missguided in administration as Love Island teams with eBay – Gen Z is falling out of love with fast fashion
- iNews
“There is a growing number of consumers who are choosing to shop more consciously, staying away from cheap throwaway fashion,” says Lemon Fuller, founder and CEO of slow fashion underwear brand Lemonade Dolls.

“[But] a significant percentage of people will always search for the biggest bargain they can find, whatever the consequences for the environment and people involved. This is where Shein will come out on top.”

“The cotton-mix bralette is soft, stylish and under £20. It also comes with the added feel-good factor that it's by a small female-lead independent brand.”

"Lemonade Dolls has named its polka-dot bralette 'Badass', and we couldn't agree more. Looove the logo-stamped underband.”