At Lemonade Dolls, we believe women’s lingerie sets should be bold, beautiful and supportive. Our range of bras, bralettes and knickers are designed to fit all women and help you feel confident, sexy and comfortable in your own skin. Crafted from soft lace and supportive mesh, our underwear prioritises comfort without compromising on style. Express your personality with cheeky prints and bold colour palettes. Check out our sizing guide for the perfect fit.

Why not Mix and Match your Bra and Undies to create your own Set
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    The power of a coordinating lingerie set is often underestimated. A bright yellow bra and knicker combination is sure to make you feel positive and ready to take on the day, while a hot pink design will bring out your confident, empowered side. Whether you love bold prints, paintbox brights or classic monochrome, our women’s lingerie sets suit all styles, personalities and bodies.

    We have a wide selection of bras, bralettes and knickers to choose from, creating gorgeous women’s lingerie sets that can be worn together. Knowing you’re wearing
    beautifully coordinated underwear can give you a little boost throughout your day, whether you’re presenting at that important work meeting, enjoying a catch-up with friends or spending the night dancing!

    Our women’s bra and bralette sets come with either thong, Brazilian, high-waisted or brief-style knickers, providing you with various lingerie set options depending on your desired coverage and comfort levels. Whether you love the flirtatious aesthetic of a thong or you’re looking for a pair of knickers you can wear every day, we have you covered.

    Our fuller-cup range provides extra support to Dolls with bigger boobs via our clever power mesh panels and handy adjustable straps. Available in sizes DD–FF, you can feel supported without the need for harsh underwiring.

    Feel positive about your body by choosing a matching, bold style that reflects your
    personality. Lean into cheeky prints to feel cute during a coffee catch-up or choose a lace thong set for bold, intimate sophistication on date night. Craft your own underwear
    wardrobe with multiple designs and styles to bring the right aesthetic to every occasion!

    Whatever you’re doing, you’ll always feel comfortable in our soft lace and mesh designs,
    crafted to fit your body snugly without digging in or leaving painful wire marks around
    your boobs. Show your skin you care by ditching uncomfortable wired bras and tight
    knicker elastic for our luxuriously soft women’s lingerie sets.

    If you’re looking for a more unique underwear combination, why not mix and match
    your bra and knickers to create your very own lingerie set?

    The best tip is to listen to your own body and choose the lingerie set that makes you feel the most like you! Confidence is your best accessory and underwear that makes you feel
    empowered is key to this.

    We often recommend our sultry red or sexy leopard print lace thong sets to create an
    intimate feel for occasions like parties and date nights, while our pretty pastel sets work
    well for days out or a relaxed few hours spent at home.

    Finally, don’t worry if your bra strap is visible: choose colours that match the aesthetic of
    your outfit and show off your gorgeous lace bra straps to everyone! Lemonade Dolls
    underwear is so eye-catching you won’t want to hide it!

    The most important factor is your own response to your lingerie! Prioritise finding a set
    that makes you feel positive and happy when you put it on, both in mood and about your own body. Every woman should feel empowered and gorgeous, and great underwear can help you feel this way! Try on different styles, colours and patterns until
    you find something that speaks to you and makes you feel like your true self.
    Comfort and fit are also important: your lingerie should support your body and work
    with your curves. If your underwear feels tight or uncomfortable, consider going the
    next size up, if it feels baggy or isn’t supporting your boobs enough, look at the next size
    down. Check out our handy sizing guide for more tips.

    First of all, always wash similar colours together: white and lighter pastel colours can
    take on a grey tinge if washed with darker tones. Also make sure you use the handwash
    or delicate setting on your washing machine and select a low heat, or if you have the
    time, wash by hand. If you have matching sets, you can wash these together.

    It’s thought that trends will lean towards fuller coverage silhouettes, lace designs and embroidery. Bold colours also look set to be a hit! We predict our high-waisted knickers and fuller coverage crop-top-style bralettes will be popular as we head into 2024!

    White is a nice option for your honeymoon, carrying the reminder of your wedding dress
    through to your first holiday as a married couple.

    We recommend a subtle bra and lace thong set for your honeymoon. However, if you feel comfortable with more coverage, we have plenty of gorgeous brief designs to
    choose from.

    If you’re heading somewhere hot for your holidays, our bright mango and khaki set will bring that tropical feel while our pink leopard print design strikes a flirty note. If you’re
    holidaying by the beach or pool, check out our swimwear range to feel fully supported and sexy in the water!