At Lemonade Dolls, we believe in style and comfort working in harmony to produce gorgeous underwear. Our plus-size and fuller-cup bra sets offer great support for Dolls with DD+ boobs without compromising on trends, colours or patterns. Check out our sizing guide for the perfect fit. Our fuller-cup, bra sets offer maximum comfort and are kind to your skin, with 100% recycled elastic bands and concealed power mesh panels providing support without the need for uncomfortable padding or tight straps. In fact, our adjustable straps are wider than those on a traditional bra, distributing weight evenly and giving your boobs that perfect lift. Check out our sizing chart to find your perfect fit.

Why not Mix and Match your Bra and Undies to create your own Set
  • Complement your natural shape and support your gorgeous curves with a plus-size bra designed to fit your body. Embrace your playful side with fun, bright prints or opt for a sleek, simple design that’ll sit perfectly underneath all your favourite outfits.


    Our lace and mesh fuller-cup bra sets offer superior coverage and comfort; suitable for
    both everyday wear and special occasions. Whether you’re looking for a beautifully simple design for time spent at work or home or a bright, fun fuller-cup thong set. for
    crazy nights out, we have you covered. Intimate and sensual, our fuller-cup bra and knicker sets are both supportive and sexy.

    Our plus-size bra sets come with either thong, Brazilian, high-waisted or brief-style knickers, providing you with various options depending on your desired coverage and comfort levels. Whether you love the flirtatious aesthetic of a thong or you’re looking for a pair of knickers you can wear every day, we have you covered.

    Our fuller-cup bra sets prioritise comfort without sacrificing support, and are available in
    a wide range of colours and patterns to suit your personality and complement different
    outfits and styles. Whether you love bright, fun leopard print or sweet, decorative
    lemons, we have something for all the Dolls!

    Crafted from soft mesh and gorgeous lace, our fuller-cup bra sets are soft and
    comfortable enough to wear all day and into the night! Enjoy the coordination of our
    fuller-cup sets, providing you with confidence and sophistication and fitting perfectly
    under every outfit. Build a full underwear wardrobe from Lemonade Dolls’ gorgeous

    Why not mix and match your bralettes and knickers to create your very own unique
    lingerie sets?

    There are many benefits of wearing a fuller-cup bra set. At Lemonade Dolls, we think the
    most important benefit is that of confidence! We believe all women should feel
    beautiful and sexy in their own skin, no matter the occasion.

    The comfort, support and versatility of our fuller-cup bras are key to this sense of
    confidence. Our sets promise freedom of movement and gorgeous style while the
    stunning lace and mesh materials provide great breathability.

    With a variety of stunning prints and show-stopping colours, our fuller-cup bra sets can
    help you feel coordinated and amazing every day, no matter your plans. Whether you’re
    looking to visit friends for the weekend in a subtle, pastel design to complement your
    outfit or heading off an a well-deserved holiday with a bright, tropical style, we’ve got
    you covered!

    A fuller-cup bra provides extra support and further coverage for those with bigger
    boobs. Our wide, adjustable straps allow for a perfect lift and the even distribution of
    weight to prevent back pain and boob spillage.

    All our plus-size bras are non-wired but our concealed power mesh panels ensure high
    levels of support and a truly unrestricted, comfortable fit in comparison to traditional,
    structured bras.

    Your fuller-cup bra should feel secure and supportive without being overly tight or
    restrictive. The straps should sit on your shoulders without digging into your skin and
    the elastic band should feel secure and sit straight under your boobs. The knickers
    should feel supportive and sit well on your hips with no excess fabric around the legs.

    Our fuller-cup bras feature innovative power mesh panels and wide adjustable straps to
    ensure great support for all the DD+ Dolls. The best way to tell if your bra set fits
    correctly is by trying different sizes on and picking the one that makes you feel most
    comfortable and confident!

    You can pair your plus-size and fuller-cup bras with various clothing styles and aesthetics
    for a flattering finish. Mix and match patterns and colours to create a gorgeous
    underwear wardrobe that fits beautifully under all your outfits!

    If you need a bold, bright flash of colour to add to your workout, try our neon pink,
    breathable mesh style, or if you’re looking for a more subtle, pastel shade to sit under a
    light-coloured dress for a night out, opt for our sweet orange and lilac set.

    Your Lemonade Dolls bra can be worn every day and also for special occasions! Our
    sunshine yellow fuller-cup set is a beautiful way to inspire daily positivity while our lime
    and pink Brazilian set offers a sexy twist for special events, such as an anniversary meal.

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