Image of woman in Lemonade trilogy denim set
All this started because I was unhappy with the lack of confidence a lot of my friends had about themselves. They were incredible and talented and I wanted them to see themselves the way they I saw them and feel how they deserved to feel. My background in the entertainment industry taught me that most men do not have this issue and that, in honestly, annoyed me a lot. 
I set up an Instagram called Lemonade Dolls purely to exist to make people feel limitless. To my surprise it grew quickly! At the time it was all push up bras and stick thin models and I couldn’t find underwear that had ME in mind. So…. Lemonade Dolls turned into the new British underwear story.  
4.5 years on, after many highs and lows, we are now one of the fastest growing lingerie brands in the UK, we’ve sold 100,000s of undies, we have donated over 15,000 undies to refugees in need, we are about to hit the USA and Germany and keep your eyes out for our product in stores near you!
I truly believe my super power is that I have not had any background in fashion or making lingerie. I have built this brand for me and my friends and my incredible community. I have built Lemonade as the consumer and we have re-written the rule book. I promise to never conform to industry norms and ALWAYS put us first.
For me, underwear is your body armour, your secret weapon, your power. I wanted undies to feel strong and sexy for ourselves and no one else. So, I created a brand that did just that. The products we design are what my friends and I would love to wear to make us feel limitless in the most inclusive and comfy undies.
I have not done this alone. I have the most incredible team and I wouldn’t be here without them. To stand up against the big corporate giants takes resilience, dedication and determination. I think we have the best team in the world. It takes an army to raise a brand and I believe i have the best around.
Our customers are the heart beat of Lemonade. We exist to make them feel fierce and limitless in whatever way possible. You have kept up going in the darkest times and celebrated with us in the best times. Keep your comments, emails, messages coming - we read them ALL. Thank you for everything and making this dream possible for all of us. We owe this to you and we are in this together!
To everyone who's supported us over these past crazy 5 years of our evolution as a brand, whether you're an OG Lemonader from day one or just joined the party, We wanted to say a massive thank you for supporting us and sticking with us through the highs and lows, we truly wouldnt be where we are today if i wasn't for you.
Cheers to many more amazing years