DD-FF Boobs?

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Designed and sized specifically for women with DD-FF boobs our Fuller Cup Bras are made to make bigger busted babes feel sexy and confident everyday in gorgeous colours, fabulous designs and NO UNDERWIRE!

Fitted with a higher central seam, wider straps, extra eye hook and supportive mesh we have you covered all day every day.

"They are so comfortable and did not budge all day- no more pulling up your bra strap every 5 minutes! Impressive considering I am fuller busted at 34E... I am really happy and will order again!" - Claire

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Still thinking about it ? Read our FAQs

Our Fuller Cup Bras fit cup sizes DD-FF. Your bra band size then determines your Lemonade size (e.g. S, M & L)

The Fuller Cup bras fit anybody who has a bust size from DD
up to FF and who wears a dress size 8 to 24.

In simple terms, no. Just because you have a fuller bust does not mean you need a size L or 2L, part of the sizing is based off your dress size.

Our fuller cup bras feature our innovative unique concealed power mesh sling that allows the bust to have the lift and support
needed without an underwire. They also feature a 4x3 hook & eye closure at the back along with thicker straps for maximum comfort.

The Fuller cup has stronger powermesh than the bralette and there is an internal powermesh sling on the inside of the cup to provide lift and support.
At the centre front of the bra the cups are stitched together and strengthened with tape to create a ‘bridge’ that anchors the bra and stops any spillage at the front.

The Fuller Cup bra straps are 1.8cm wide compared to the bralette which are 1.1cm wide and theres a 3x4 hook and eye closure compared to one half the size on the bralette.

As there is no underwire in our bras, there are no set rules on sizing or fit meaning a wide range of busts can fit naturally into the same cup. As your bra size is built from a combination of measurements it can seem confusing, but ultimately many bust sizes can fit in a bralette as it is down to the volume of the bust being covered. It may just mean that somebody who is a DD may have slightly more coverage than somebody who is FF, but they will
both receive the support they need.

If the band is rolling up, it is usually a sign that the bra is too big and the bust is not getting the proper support, so we would suggest
to go down a size. If you have brought the right size then it will fit
perfectly and the band will not roll.

At their shortest the straps are 14.7cm and at their longest
the straps are 26.3cm

When wearing a bra for the first time you should always wear it on the loosest hook and eye and as it starts to feel looser, over a few months to a year, then it is time to wear it on the second hook and eye. This is because over time elastane will gradually lose its strength (this is natural, so nothing to worry about) but it just means that by wearing it
properly you can save the longevity and life of your bra, this is why we never advise to wear your bras on the tightest hook and eye straight away.